Spudgunner er englænder. Han har givet Sved.dk lov til at bringe hans beretning om et liv med sved fordi, som han skriver ”I would be happy to help anyone out there by sharing my story..”

I have suffered from being a generally sweaty person for as long as I can remember. I am aged 35 and it has really been ruining my life.

I do anything to avoid having to shake someone else hand. The thing is over the years, this was having a bad effect on me mentally as well, as even the thought of shaking someones hand would make them start sweating buckets.

Had tried Driclor and other solutions without success. Remembered seeing years ago on Tomorrows world an article about Iontophoresis and decided to look into it further. Was shocked at how much the machines cost, but my doctor signed a form so that I got it VAT free. Was still a big financial gamble but in the end I bit the bullet and bought a machine from Std Pharm.

Was pretty sceptical about the whole thing but am so glad I did try it. The sensation is strange now in that I expect my hands to start sweating yet they dont and after 30 odd years of it, its kind of weird to say the least!

Just cannot get my head round it to be honest. Am just annoyed that I did not buy one earlier.

My job is as a Bank Manager and I shake hands all day long, which used to worry me no end. Now I chuckle inside to myself when I shake hands and notice how sweaty other peoples hands are! Never noticed b4 as too busy worrying about my own! And all along I thought I was the only one with sweaty palms!

It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The sweating elsewhere I can cope with. My son is getting Christened this weekend and I am actually looking forward to it now. Can you believe that I kept making excuses and putting the date back ALL because I was immediately worrying about having to shake peoples hands!

That is the effect this illness has on you as I am sure many of you will recognise. The first thought in my head whenever anyone asked if I wanted to do anything was "would I have to shake peoples hands there?"

Anyway enough of my ramblings. As you can tell I am pretty pleased and would advise anyone else thinking of getting one to go for it. I understand the success rates are pretty high and for me it is 100% stopped my sweaty hands.


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